Important funding in the coming months for Cluster companies

Many funding opportunities will be available in the coming months at the European, national and regional levels, on a wide variety of topics and with various methods of access.For more information contact: Continue reading…

At the European level, as highlighted on several occasions in our newsletter, several calls are open related, in particular, to the Horizon Europe and Life programs (currently open).

At the national level, in addition to various PNRR calls currently open, both transversal (e.g., the 175 M€ for Development Contracts for the green and digital transition) and sectoral (300 M€ for the production of electric buses and related components), MISE is scheduled to refinance the “Automotive Business Fund” for new industrial research and experimental development projects (the plan provides 8.7 billion until 2030, of which the first 750 M€ was allocated in 2022).

At the regional level, along with several calls that are still open (among them, 210M€ Investment Package, Competence Measure with 5M€ and MADE for digital transformation projects with 14M€) the key appointments for the Cluster are:

  1. Funding of supply chain projects following Expressions of Interest by DG Economic Development: the call for proposals will come out in September with funding (under definition, also in synergy with funds from other DGs) that will be 20-30M€ (the multi-year fund is 90M€) and will cover projects from the 36 supply chains that have passed the manifestation stage;
  2. “Call Hub” funding linked to DG Innovation’s PR-ERDF funds: the call will come out by the end of the year with an endowment of 250-300 M€ (multi-year fund) and will cover research, development and innovation projects linked to the Intelligent Specialization Strategy – S3 and related Three-Year Program – STP.

The Cluster will continue to:

  • monitor (also together with partners specializing in project finance) developments and provide timely information on available opportunities;
  • Create conditions for successful participation by fostering the development of partnerships especially for the MoI and Call Hub calls.
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