Positions and proposals

Our proposals are based on the principle of technological neutrality which gives equal dignity and support to all tractions (including advanced endothermic engines and/or powered by non-fossil or low-carbon fuels) and, in their essence, they are:

  • adherence to climate improvement objectives provided they are shared and in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda;
  • consequent remodulation of the European Commission’s climate package in terms of content and implementation times;
  • focus on the comparison from traction systems to alternative energy carriers (electricity, methane and biomethane, hydrogen, e-fuel and vegetable fuels), evaluating their performance and environmental parameters over the entire life cycle, from production to ‘exercise and at the end of life;
  • inclusion in the Pnrr, or in the Complementary Fund, of adequate resources to support companies and workers during the transition (product/process investments, company reconversions and re-skilling and up-skilling workers) with simple and automatic tools and with a specific rewards for innovative supply chain projects. With a first estimate, the economic-financial need for this extraordinary investment is 15/20 billion at a national level (5/6 in Lombardy). In the Pnrr and in the budget law no specific intervention is foreseen for the reconversion of the automotive sector;
  • introduce an intermediate target to 2030 to evaluate the evolution of available alternative technologies and defer the ban on internal combustion engines to 2040 instead of 2035.

The positions of the Cluster