A technology cluster is a structured aggregation of companies, universities, research centers and other public or private entities, focused on a specific thematic area and having a legal personality and governance model.

The 9 Technology Clusters of Lombardy (CTL).

Regione Lombardia promotes through the recognition of Lombard Technological Clusters (CTLs for brevity) the innovation ecosystem, encouraging the creation and implementation of aggregations between the different players active in the field of Research and Innovation: Companies, Universities, Research Centers, Public and Private Institutions and other entities including financial ones.

These aggregations, endowed with a governance model of coordination and management, as well as focused on a specific technological field, are called to actively participate in the implementation of innovative processes that contribute to the competitiveness of Lombardy in the national and international arena.They have thus been recognized through specific regional decrees, 9 Lombard Technological Clusters.

The role of CTLs

CTLs are:

  • Key players in the change of development strategy between the past and the future, from traditional industrial sectors to systems of expertise
  • Point of revitalization of programmatic choices in the coming years
  • indispensable element for feedback on the effectiveness of the measures constructed and initiated under the S3 Strategy (participation in the Monitoring and Evaluation activity).
  • relevant element in the S3 Governance process, actively contributing to the identification of Development Themes related to the Areas of Specialization.

Institutional Framework Lombardy Region

Lombardy Region's reference departments.

Environment and Climate
(Ass. Giorgio Maione)

Infrastructure and Public Works
(Ass. Claudia Maria Terzi)

Education, Training and Labor
(Ass. Simona Tironi)

Economic Development
(Ass. Guido Guidesi)

University, Research and Innovation
(Ass. Alessandro Fermi)

Associations participated in by the CLM