Urban Mobility Conference – Milan April 10

Urban Mobility Conference, the conference in which visions and strategies on the future of mobility in our cities are woven together.

Since 2021, the event has brought together the key players in urban planning and mobility: mayors, aldermen, key figures in public administration, architects and urban planners for a meeting focused on the latest developments in the field.

Among the themes at the center of this edition:

– Transit oriented development
– Cycling, zero emission zones, cargobike
– Data and Big data: how they should be read and interpreted
– City 30: projects in which the centrality is not speed, but primarily the organization of urban space
– Energy sources and transportation: from electric to hydrogen
– Sensors, smart traffic lights, control rooms, cameras–the technologies to govern movement in urban settings
– MaaS Platforms
– Airport systems and high-speed rail, metro of Italy
– Soft mobility all the news

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