ARA – Statement by Navarra- Lombardy leading the way in protecting the supply chain

European automotive regions, including nine from Italy, are calling for the creation of a European mechanism to mitigate “the disruptive effects of the green transition” in order to “strengthen the competitiveness of the entire automotive value chain.” Guido Guidesi, Councillor for Economic Development of the Lombardy Region: “We ask the Commission that we be left with room for action and technological innovation in our territories that have already demonstrated their ability to anticipate the times and objectives, based on the enhancement of the principle of “technological neutrality and openness to bio-fuels,” whose “great potential” (indicated in the Notebook: “Renewable Fuels” prepared by our Cluster) allows for an immediate reduction in emissions”

” Emission reduction and environmental sustainability are goals that are fully shared by Lombardy and its economic-institutional system. However, the path to pursuing the ecological transition should not be just one. Not just electric, then, but addressing the issue with a technology-neutral approach that could allow the development of other solutions, such as renewable fuels that would give endothermic engines a chance to survive the stops imposed by the European Union on the back of a “too ideological” view. During the plenary, the 2025 chairmanship of the Alliance was confirmed to Italy, with Lombardy, in the person of Economic Development Councilor Guido Guidesi, becoming chairman.


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