Roberto Vavassori, ANFIA president: “At least one million vehicles in Italy.”

A goal to be pursued in a complex context, due to the ongoing energy transition, and very challenging considering that market forecasts in the next two years in Europe remain far from 2019 levels. Vavassori also notes that the automotive supply chain is the only one, to date, that is required by European regulation to be fully decarbonized by 2035. After the Dec. 6 meeting, chaired by Minister Adolfo Urso (attended by representatives of Stellantis;of the regions with settlements of the same group Piedmont,Abruzzo,Lazio,Basilicata,Campania,Emilia Romagna; of the trade unions and Anfia), the activity of the permanent table will continue with five working groups and the technical secretariat of Anfia: Market, Competitiveness, Components, Labor and Research and Development.

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1. MIMIT communiqué click here

2 Statement by ANFIA President R. Vavassori

3.ANFIA automotive components release 1. sem 2023

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