FAI Brescia assembly :Massimiliano Salini’s answers to Brescia’s haulers

Responding to the doubts raised by Brescia FAI President Sergio Piardi in the purchase of a truck ( electric, diesel, methane-biomethane) MEP Massimiliano Salini took stock of the ongoing work in the European “trialogue” ( Commission, Council, Parliament) to define the “FIT x 55.” The definition of “neutral fuels” does not apply only to synthetic fuels – wanted and obtained by the Germans – but should also be extended to bio-methane and other energy carriers, considering the entire life cycle of the vehicle and fuel production ( from the well to the wheel and not only exhaust emissions); among them Franco Fenoglio – a member of Italfer’s Board of Directors – also mentioned HVOs – hydrotreated vegetable oils. Further confirmation, therefore, of the reflections and proposals contained in the Lombardy Manifesto and our Notebook on Renewable Fuels promoted and supported by Lombardy Region’s Economic Development Councilor Guido Guidesi.

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