Conference: “Current and future of sustainable lake mobility”

Secretary General of the Lombard Mobility Cluster Ganpiero Mastinu spoke at the conference “CURRENTITY AND THE FUTURE OF SUSTAINABLE LACUAL MOBILITY” held on Sunday, September 17 at the iconic Grand Hotel Villa d’Este in Cernobbio. The conference, now in its third year and dedicated to the electrification of waterway transportation, was sponsored by the Alessandro Volta Foundation in Como, the city where electricity was discovered. A number of Lombardy’s excellences were showcased: the internationally award-winning wooden and electric boat of the Ernesto Riva shipyard, the electrification activities of the boat fleet of the Great Lakes of Lombardy and Ceresio. Expressions of interest that the MLC has promoted to the Lombardy Region in the field of vehicle electrification were mentioned: the COEVE project and the RES project (range extender for watercraft and pleasure boats).

Mention was also made of the use of bio-fuels, a solution that seems crucial to enable the hundred boats in the Lombard Lakes to immediately cut CO2 emissions, pending the laborious electrification of the entire fleet. Present at the event was CLM member Soliani EMC of Como. Attached is the schedule of speeches.

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