Effective October 1, 2021, the Working Group “Competencies for Ecological and Technological Transition” is established within the Thematic Group “Business Development,” the operation of which is defined in Art. 12 of the Statute.


The Region of Lombardy intends to accompany the cultural change of human capital to protect the competitiveness of regional industry and take advantage of the ongoing technological transformation, with special reference to the improvement and retraining of professional skills at all levels of business.

In this area, Vocational Training and Apprenticeship are the key determinants of people’s skilled employment and companies’ competitiveness.

To this end, the European Budget 2021-27 allocates several billion euros, and the Lombardy Region will create a “Human Capital Value Chain” model that is a benchmark for the national system.

Goals of the working group:

  • Mapping new competencies according to the directions of change indicated in the Regional Three-Year Strategic Plan for Research and Innovation;
  • Proposed training paths for the qualification and retraining of people at all company levels;
  • Enhancement of existing training tools from apprenticeship to ITS to vocational degrees, etc.;
  • Support for enterprise and territorial system projects for the qualification and retraining of people;
  • Seize funding opportunities at all regional, national and community delivery levels.