As part of the activities of the Thematic Group “Environmental Sustainability,” the group of work “Hydrogen”-the operation of which is defined in Art. 12 of the Statute – and which is framed in a broader vision of the Cluster, based on the principle of “technology neutrality” (electric, CNG/biomethane, e-fuel and hydrogen) and the aggregation of the different players in the supply chain.

Coordinator of the working group is Dr. Albino Zabbialini who will work with the support of Eng. Renato Gaudio, according to the guidelines set by the Board of Directors. Objectives of the Hydrogen WG are:
– To monitor the evolution of hydrogen transportation means and hydrogen production, transportation and distribution chains, with special reference to public transport (road, rail and marine);
– Develop new technological solutions (materials, products and processes) and new services related to the hydrogen supply chain;
– Contributing to the technological, regulatory and application development of facilities and vehicles for the transportation of people or goods, both nationally and internationally;
– Monitor public funding programs for the sector, especially in the European and national spheres, to seize opportunities with reference to projects of interest to cluster members (e.g. Shine, H2IseO)
– Enhance the potential of the Lombardy industry for the production of components for hydrogen vehicles and systems with particular reference to the sustainable mobility system, including by fostering the creation and development of partnerships.
Companies and entities interested in the new working group can attend the meeting to be held, remotely, on Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021 at 4:0 p.m. (or signal interest at: