Manifesto for environmentally, economically and economically sustainable mobility.
social, to be pursued with a just and rational transition in the view of the
Technology neutrality.
– Repositioning to July 20, 2023 –

The overall goals of this Manifesto are to maintain the competitiveness of the mobility supply chain, strengthen regional identity, and take effective action toward greater sustainability of the system.
Lombardy’s automotive supply chain has more than 1,000 companies, 50,000 employees, 20 billion in turnover and high export and innovation rate.
The study and bringing to market of renewable and low-carbon fuels are useful for the pursuit of the shared goals of environmental improvement and decarbonization of the transportation sector at the national, community and global levels, and for the protection of internal combustion engine production, in which our region holds undisputed leadership.
In addition to constituting global excellences and being strategic assets for our country for years, the automotive and fuels industrial supply chains have all the innovative, technological and professional capabilities to make a successful contribution to the challenges that climate change is leading us to face.
Automotive can also be the engine of an unprecedented industrial, economic and social revolution in the 21st century.
The recovery of a higher degree of energy security/independence would also safeguard the Fuel Refining and Distribution sector, with appropriate programs to support conversion,
dimension to be taken up from a national perspective as well. Therefore, there is a need to strengthen the Distribution Network for low-emission liquid and gaseous fuels and also recognize its role in HPC charging infrastructure.
It is the task of everyone, Institutions, Industry, Business and Labor Associations, Universities and Research and Technology Transfer Centers to create the conditions for a gradual and rational transition marked by technological neutrality, avoiding inappropriate acceleration that would determine for our
continent the loss of leadership gained over a hundred years of research, innovation and entrepreneurial choices.