Lombardy Region: with Inproves a new generation of electric motors

To develop a new generation of high-performance electric motors, both for braking systems (Brembo) and for vehicle traction (Marelli), according to the logic of Industry 4.0, thus taking advantage of the digitization of products and production processes for the benefit of safety and efficiency. This is the challenge taken up by the “Inproves” project supported by the Lombardy Region with 4 million euros in grants, thanks to funds from the Regional Operational Program (ROP) – European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2014-2020, out of a total planned expenditure of 7.4 million euros. The project, its goals and results were presented on May 14, in the Innovation District Kilometro Rosso (Bergamo). in the in-depth discussion links to recordings of the event and the visit. Continue reading…

“Inproves is a very high-profile innovation,” stresses Fabrizio Sala, Lombardy Region’s councillor for Education, Research, Innovation, Universities and Simplification, “built thanks to the synergy between two large companies, five SMEs and two Lombardy universities. A winning strategy that brings jobs, values the area and drives the transition to the mobility of the future.”

Participating alongside Brembo, the lead partner in the project , which ended on Jan. 31, 2021, after 42 months of intensive work, were Marelli, the Lombard universities Politecnico di Milano and Università degli studi di Bergamo , and SMEs MD Quadro, e-Novia, Peri, Mako-Shark and UTP Vision.

Below are links to which you can view last Friday’s conference and visit to the INPROVES project line.

VISIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=qn61TxFQW2c

CONFERENCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=2jjoxSLYbag

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