“Local Public Transport” working group within the “Business Development” Table.

Effective January 1, 2021, the “Local Public Transport” working group is established within the “Business Development” Table, the operation of which is defined in Art. 12 of the Statute.

Coordinator of the working group is Dr. Gaboardi, who works with the support of Eng. Trevisan (Cluster Development Advisor), according to the guidelines set by the Board of Directors.

Objectives of the working group:

  • Follow the evolution of the bus product and trends in the local public transport market, with particular reference to new traction and the development of new services and products, both nationally and internationally;
  • Monitor public funding for the sector, especially that of the National Strategic Plan for Sustainable Mobility (NSP-MS), which provides 3.7 billion euros over 15 years for the renewal of the bus fleet in Italy and 100 million euros for the years 2020-2021 for research, development and innovation of environmentally friendly buses and related equipment;
  • Seize the funding opportunities of the NDP-MS, with particular reference to:
    • Development of new bus architectures;
    • transition to new, environmentally friendly traction systems (CNG, biomethane, electric, and eventually hydrogen);
    • Bus lightening;
    • Digitization of vehicles and their components.
  • Foster the creation and development of partnerships for the production of components and the development of new technologies applied to the public transport supply chain (vehicle, equipment and services), with projections to the entire sustainable mobility system. Companies and entities interested in participating in the new working group can signal their membership at:

In May 2022 Assolombarda published the final version of the Position Paper “The Conditions and Proposals for LPT Recovery” also drafted with input from CLM.